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How Storytelling and User Experience Doubled Annual Donation Goal in Just 4 Months on Classy

The Mission

Devoted to raising funds and awareness for brain cancer research.

The Challenge

Scale fundraising events with a broader reach and memorable giving experience.

Results in 4 Months Using Classy:




5K revenue increase


unique supporters

Supporting an Annual Campaign Launch

StacheStrong came to Classy in May of 2021 with the ambition to engage more families impacted by brain cancer

Just four months later, they doubled their donation goal for the year with a hybrid 5K walk/run event, optimized NYC Marathon peer-to-peer page, and sleek main donation button.

Their donor-focused user interface gives supporters the stage to share personal stories with their networks however they choose. StacheStrong’s powerful video documentary and seamless checkout experience powered by ClassyPay gives nearly 3,000 newly-acquired supporters and counting the ability to connect with and effortlessly support their cause.

This is just the beginning as detailed analytics point to new opportunities for StacheStrong to present donors with in the future.

The biggest driving factor to switch to Classy was our 5K Run/Walk event. This was our 4th year hosting and we experienced revenue growth of 2.5x from 2020’s event. Nearly 100 families and over 1,500 supporters helped raise funds that we were never able to capture before. Classy makes all the difference!

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