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Personalize the Donor Experience With Custom Donation Forms


By Allison Gauss

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Published April 1, 2015 Reading Time: 4 minutes

There is more than one kind of donor, so it makes sense to have more than one donation form. A key part of appealing to donors, and marketing in general, is making the experience personal and catering to individual interests. For-profit corporations often run multiple marketing campaigns to reach different segments of their audience. With modern fundraising software, nonprofits can adopt the same multi-pronged approach to converting donors.

Branded donation pages raise six times the amount generic pages raise, but you can do much more than send all donors to a donation form with your logo. Segmented donation forms with language tailored to a specific audience can create a better donor experience and help nonprofits maximize their donation volume.

The power to create multiple tailored donation pages allows you bring a personal touch to a large number of supporters. Donation pages for specific programs allow donors to support the work they are most interested in. And by segmenting your donor base, you can vary your suggested gift sizes by past donations. Finally, you can create a seamless donation experience for events and holiday campaigns by customizing the donation page to match your brand. All these options can personalize the donation experience without drastically increasing your development staff’s workload.

Donating to Specific Programs and Projects

Many nonprofits operate a variety of programs. This can help you create appeals because donors may connect with an individual program or project and feel compelled to give. Hold onto this enthusiasm and assure donors that their money is going toward the intended project by creating a donation page custom-branded to the program.

Donors are known to give heavily to disaster relief organizations following a hurricane or earthquake because the public feels they can make an impact on a very immediate problem. To tap into that passion, Team Rubicon creates donation forms for each mission.

Team Rubicon

Not only do they call out the donation’s purpose in the page’s message, they added an image of the typhoon to the background. Donors are reminded of the devastation Team Rubicon will be responding to.

You can use a specially branded donation page for ongoing programs, as well. The revenue from each page can even help you gauge your community’s interest in different parts of your mission.


If you’re looking at the webpage on UNICEF’s immunization programs, for example, a CTA takes you directly to a donation form supporting these programs.

Segmenting Your Audience

Segmented donation forms can also be used to appeal to donors with very different finances. Let’s say you want to send an appeal to past donors to your cause. You have lots of donors who gave $25 to $50 in the past year and some others who gave less. But you also have some donors who have given anywhere from $200 to $1,000.

Typically, they might all receive an appeal with these suggested donations.

custom donation forms

This is great for many donors because it includes a range of gifts. You have an option for them to make a larger gift of $100, but the $10 option makes sure you aren’t leaving out small donors.

But what about those donors who gave over $200 in the past? Even if they chose the largest suggested donation, you still might be leaving money on the table. If you segment your donors by a simple criteria (perhaps those who gave $100 or less and those who gave more), you can make sure every donor has suggested gifts that make sense for them.

custom donation forms

Special Events and Campaigns

You can also enhance specific fundraising events and campaigns with a customized donation page. It gives the donor a streamlined experience and adds a little extra encouragement by reminding people why they’re giving.

Holiday campaigns can include season’s greetings and related colors.

Holiday campaigns

Meanwhile, a themed campaign can carry over the design used on the campaign page.

project danceproject dance

You can even design a donation form specifically for your recurring giving program. Possible, for example, calls their monthly supporters “Possibilists” and their gift goes toward building a hospital in Nepal. Their recurring donation form is tailored to speak directly to that audience.

thank you donation

Development professionals are put in the difficult position of constantly recruiting more donors while trying to create a satisfying and personal experience for them. You may not be able to speak to each donor individually, but creating multiple donation forms for different audiences and campaigns can help you make sure your supporters are receiving relevant appeals that interest them.

No matter how many donation forms you make, you should still integrate your organization’s brand on each one. While the program or campaign will be the main focus, donors should always be able to tell which nonprofit they are supporting. Your donation pages don’t even need to be drastically different from one another, but adding more personalized copy can forge a stronger connection with the audience.

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