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INFOGRAPHIC: How We’re Winning the Fight Against Breast Cancer


By Ellie Burke

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Published October 7, 2016 Reading Time: < 1 minute

Cancer doesn’t care.

It doesn’t care whether you’re young or old, male or female. It doesn’t discriminate when choosing its targets. Take breast cancer, for example. This disease is associated with women over the age of 40—but both men and women of varying ages are also commonly diagnosed.

Nonprofits Power the Fight

Social impact organizations around the world work tirelessly to educate the public and fight breast cancer. While the situation remains dire, nonprofits have contributed to decreased death rates in the U.S. since 1989. Increased awareness, medical advancements, such as new treatments, and earlier detection are all said to contribute to these decreases.

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, the infographic below provides data around the current societal impact of this disease. It also demonstrates how a handful of Classy clients work and collaborate to drive holistic change.

how nonprofits fight breast cancer infographic

We can only fight breast cancer and win through the combined efforts of every organization who attacks the disease. The multitude of nonprofits involved are even more effective when they join forces in strategic partnerships to advance their causes. To learn more about how nonprofits can collaborate to achieve a larger mission, check out the webinar below and discover how strategic partnerships power Barbells for Boob’s success.

barbells for boobs

Nonprofits Who Partner: The Power in Collaboration

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Learn how top nonprofits use Classy to power their fundraising.

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