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3 Monthly Giving Program Examples to Inspire You


By Meredith Kavanagh

foundher monthly page

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Published February 16, 2018 Reading Time: 5 minutes

Recurring giving is a pillar of any successful fundraising strategy because it provides a sustainable and predictable stream of revenue. Fortunately, online monthly giving grew 23 percent in 2016, and this shift will only pick up speed as a big nonprofit trend in 2018.

To capture monthly donations, however, a recurring giving campaign needs to be well-designed and communicate a donor’s potential impact effectively. Here are three successful campaigns to motivate and inspire you.

FundHER for Bright Pink

fundher monthly giving

Bright Pink—an organization that focuses on the education, prevention, and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer—launched their beautiful recurring giving campaign, FundHER, on Classy to attract monthly donors.

What We Love

Independent Branding

To set their recurring donors apart as a special group, Bright Pink’s monthly giving program has its own name and branding. From the moment you land on their page, you see the FundHER logo which is reminiscent, but separate from Bright Pink’s logo.

Bold Calls to Action

Visitors don’t even need to scroll before they have an opportunity to become monthly donors. The above-the-fold placement, coupled with the color and size of the bold donate button, ensures that every visitor has the immediate opportunity to take action. In addition, this button is effective because rather than simply saying “Donate,” the button copy reinforces a sense of belonging with the monthly donor community: “Join FundHER.”

Pro Tip: Bright Pink includes a bonus call to action (CTA) in the footer to capture users who may not be able to commit to a monthly donation.

monthly giving campaigns

Clearly Defined Impact

Immediately below the first call to action on the page is a straightforward sentence defining the impact of a gift: “A monthly gift of $25 can educate 10 women each month.” So even if someone doesn’t make it to the more descriptive blocks below, the reader will be aware of what their support can achieve.

The following blocks, however, are beautiful and concise with visuals and text to show visitors the specific ways their monthly gift can impact women. Also, note how they use the word “investment” to indicate that a recurring donation makes a long-term difference.

bright pink monthly giving program

PASSPORT for Pencils of Promise

passport monthly giving program

Pencils of Promise (PoP) works to ensure that every child around the world has access to a quality education. The PASSPORT campaign has had a great impact on the organization’s progress and to date, PoP has built 429 schools with 74,503 current students.

What We Love

Use of Pass-Through Parameters

Not only is the monthly donation button front and center, but there’s a small form that engages the donor immediately and prompts them to input their desired gift amount.

monthly giving pencils of promise

Once the donor submits the form, they are immediately directed to the donation page with their gift amount prepopulated on the form.

pencils of promise monthly giving

This creates a cohesive experience that makes the donor feel even more committed to completing their donation. This experience is made possible through a pass-through parameter, which relays information from a smaller form to the donation page.

Customized Donation Page

On Classy, you can create customizable donation pages tailored to the look and feel of each of your campaigns. You want to make a seamless giving experience for your donors, with no separation between the message that moved them to donate and the completion of their donation.

Check out how PoP’s language on the donation page reiterates the impact of monthly giving, and lets visitors know they have landed in the right place.

passport campaign

Even the CTA button is tailored to this specific campaign by urging donors to “Join Passport.”

recurring giving campaign

Strong Incentives

Incentives and membership benefits play an important role in attracting monthly donors. Pencils of Promise includes both physical and emotional membership benefits. The first set of icons lists physical incentives like welcome gifts or exclusive photos and videos…

passport pencils of promise

…while the following section focuses more on the emotionally rewarding side of becoming a monthly donor.

monthly giving

Community:Builder for Blood:Water

Recurring Giving Donation Page

Blood:Water partners with African grassroots organizations to fight the HIV/AIDS and water crises. The nonprofit distinguishes themselves as a “development organization” rather than an “aid organization” because the solutions they work toward are long-term commitments.

The Community:Builder recurring giving campaign provides Blood:Water with the sustainable income that a lasting, forward-looking mission needs.

What We Love

Powerful Imagery

As visual content is an important piece of storytelling, Blood:Water uses high-quality, powerful images that span the width of the page to showcase their impact and make an immediate emotional connection with visitors.

Building Communities

Progress Bar

Blood:Water uses a progress bar on their recurring donation page which not only demonstrates how much they’ve raised, but also leverages the power of the goal proximity effect. Research has shown that donors are more willing to give when an organization is close to hitting their goal, which is why progress bars are a standard feature of Classy campaign pages.


Impact Blocks

It’s no secret that impact blocks have a huge … impact. But all puns aside, impact blocks are successful for a few reasons: donors want to know exactly where their money is going, and impact blocks make the connection between a donation and the difference it makes. You can use them to increase trust and transparency to your donors by showing how different amounts will be used towards your nonprofit’s overall mission.

Community Builders

Recurring Giving or Bust

With many variables in nonprofit finances, a dedicated community of monthly donors and the predictable income will have a huge impact on the long-term health of your organization. Learn more about recurring giving campaigns by checking out the guide below.

A Nonprofit's Guide to Recurring Giving

A Nonprofit's Guide to Recurring Giving

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