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Customer Stories

Read up on real stories of nonprofit success, and what they accomplished with the help of the Classy platform.

Blood:Water and Classy

Blood:Water and Classy

Blood:Water started when co-founder Dan Haseltine saw that another crisis was making HIV/AIDS even deadlier in African communities. “I was there to learn about HIV/AIDS and all of a sudden this water crisis comes into the picture,” he says. Unsafe and unreliable water sources were at the root of many disease and sanitation issues, but combined with HIV, which weakens immune systems, the risk and death toll skyrocketed. Haseltine knew the huge stigma attached to HIV/AIDS made it difficult to get people involved, but anyone could understand and empathize with the need for clean water. He thought showing people how the two were linked could move people to action. Dan teamed up with Jena Lee Nardella, a passionate young college student to make this vision a reality.

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Blood:Water and Classy

Team Rubicon and Classy

Team Rubicon and Classy

Team Rubicon started by accident. It all began when a small group of veterans and medics traveled to Haiti in 2010 to provide support for those affected by a catastrophic, 7.0-magnitude earthquake. After spending two to three weeks providing aid, they were so deeply moved by the impact they were making, they decided to start a nonprofit organization.

Today, Team Rubicon maintains a roster of 35,000+ volunteers able to deploy throughout the United States and abroad to communities affected by disasters, and has responded to more than 100 disasters around the world. But how does one nonprofit organization grow so rapidly?

To learn more about Team Rubicon & Classy:

Team Rubicon and Classy

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