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How to Easily Unite Your Giving Tuesday and Year-End Campaigns


By Hannah Durbin

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Published December 9, 2021 Reading Time: 4 minutes

Giving Tuesday serves as the perfect opportunity to kick off your year-end fundraising campaign. After all, nonprofits raised more than $2.7 billion in the U.S. alone on Giving Tuesday 2021.

Year-end fundraising is an integral part of most nonprofits’ annual strategy. Knowing that one-third of all giving on the Classy platform takes place between Giving Tuesday and December 31st, it’s important to determine how your nonprofit will capitalize on the remaining weeks of the year to achieve your ambitious fundraising goals.

If the year-end season crept up quicker than you were hoping, read on to discover how your nonprofit can save time and resources this season by uniting your Giving Tuesday and year-end appeals or by taking advantage of Classy’s latest campaign templating tool to avoid starting from scratch this December.

Pencils of Promise’s Season of Promise campaign

Combine Your Campaigns to Sustain Giving Momentum

While many nonprofits see Giving Tuesday and year-end fundraising as separate initiatives, uniting these impactful campaigns can help open your organization up to new possibilities.

If you find yourself building out a year-end strategy that feels like a natural extension of your Giving Tuesday goals, combine the two to create a cohesive holiday appeal. Instead of starting over, simply flip your Giving Tuesday campaign to reflect your year-end goal and continue driving donors to your existing landing page.

How to Successfully Flip Your Giving Tuesday Campaign:

Flip Your Giving Tuesday Campaign
  • Use a branded campaign name and URL that applies to both Giving Tuesday and year-end to ensure it encompasses both appeals, like Pencils of Promise does for their annual Season of Promise year-end campaign
  • Refresh the main hero image on your campaign landing page to reflect your year-end goal
  • Update any Giving Tuesday-specific text in your impact blocks, custom text blocks, or “About” section
  • Tweak your donation form to communicate how each gift will make an impact in the year-end season
  • Add relevant details throughout your landing page to reassure donors that their gifts will support your timely goal

Motivate Supporters With Social Proof

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Capitalize on the surge of momentum generated on one of the social sector’s biggest giving days to help donors feel empowered.

Think of uniting your campaigns like getting started on year-end early. For example, the earlier you engage your avid supporters to contribute to your Giving Tuesday campaign, the higher your chances that other newcomers will get involved. This is what’s known as the goal-proximity effect, which simply states that the rate of contributions substantially increases as a campaign gets closer to its fundraising goal.

The same applies to your year-end campaign. When you unite these initiatives, the progress you made toward your goal on Giving Tuesday shows year-end donors how much people believe in your work and your ability to make a difference. This builds social proof, which can influence other communities to participate.

Create a Template for Your Large-Scale Campaigns

Building a strong Giving Tuesday campaign requires a lot of time and creativity. Rather than letting those resources now go to waste, duplicate your page within the Classy platform to continue building and improving upon it for year-end.

To start building on Classy, locate the “Templates” tab that lives in the side navigation bar to create a template based on your existing Giving Tuesday campaign. The “Pages” and “Email” sections will be carried over from the campaign you select, including all copy and design. Once you publish your template, you can start customizing it right away to reflect your year-end appeal.

Not only does Classy’s campaign templating open the door to major time-savings, it also offers a quick and easy way for organizations to maintain brand consistency across events and campaigns, streamline campaign edits, and collaborate across accounts.

While these capabilities are useful for all Classy customers, they come in particularly handy for organizations that host endurance events that span multiple locations, partner-focused organizations, and organizations with multiple chapters or foundations.

Make the Most of the Year-End Fundraising Season

Regardless of when you started drawing up the blueprint for your year-end strategy, it’s not too late to reap the benefits of the most impactful giving season of the year.

Consider how combining your campaigns can build social proof by assuring your year-end donors that they’re contributing to a winning effort. Or, consider how the hours of time you would save with campaign templating could be put to better use elsewhere.

Keep your supporters updated with additional events and campaigns post-Giving Tuesday, encourage them to stay involved, and keep the fundraising excitement alive with targeted outreach to boost donor retention in the new year.

year-end fundraising

The Smart Guide to Strong Year-End Fundraising

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